As Libyan rebels are falling apart at the seams, Gaddafi regime remains unfazed by NATO campaign

For months now the Libyan rebels have been infighting and progressively moving toward total discontinuity. Like I have been saying since the beginning, this was never as cut-and-dry as the mainstream media made it out to be.

The notion that an unelected body who declares itself the sole legitimate representation for an entire nation could be remotely legitimate is laughable at best.

The fact is, the Libyan people never voted for these rebels and many do not support them. If the people of Libya were actually behind these self-declared rulers, how could they assemble such a massive pro-Gaddafi demonstration in the Libyan capital of Tripoli?

To put it in perspective, what if during a period of intense civil unrest in the United States a group of a few elites declared themselves the sole representatives of our entire nation?

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