News Corp Australian arm launches probe

The Australian arm of News Corp is launching an investigation into whether there was any wrongdoing at its editorial operations in recent years after the phone hacking scandal at its UK operations.

John Hartigan, chairman and CEO of News Limited, said in a note to staff that some commentators, media outlets and politicians had tried to connect the behavior in the UK with conduct in Australia, which he said was ”offensive and wrong.”

He said he had ”absolutely no reason to suspect any wrongdoing at News Limited.”

Still, he said the company would conduct a ”thorough review” of all editorial expenditure over the past three years to confirm payments were for legitimate services.

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[insetleft title=”Post Script”]Hm… de skall utreda sig själva, de kommer säkert att gå till botten med saker och ting. Läs gärna ”Den dolda dagordningen” av John Pilger, för att få bättre inblick i Rupert Murdochs mediaimperie.[/insetleft]


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