Ron Paul Rides the Bull: Why the Revolution is Inevitable
Ron Paul will ride the GOP Bull as long, and as far, as he can because if he doesn’t, he won’t maintain as much of a media presence. This is a sad state of affairs — that the media has become an apologist not only for the entrenched government but the corporatocracy that purchases its TV advertisements and funds the political debates. As a result, Americans must go to the foreign media — such as the BBC, Al Jazeera, the DAILY BELL and RT.TV — in order to get unbiased reporting and the big picture.

But when we get towards the end of the GOP ride this election year, Ron Paul fans are hoping he will drop the Bull and Go Indy!
If he does, he will either defeat Obama or win himself. Dr. Paul can win because he can take at least 12% of the vote from the GOP; garner another 15% from Independents and take at least 11% from the Democrats. This will give him 38% — enough to win the presidency in a 3-man race. If he falls short of 38%, he may cause Obama to get back in. The Republican Establishment is terrified of either of these scenarios. They are now doing their best to — as campaign strategist, Ed Rollins advised — “Give Ron Paul the respect he deserves.” But after the RNC, and strategy-challenged voters across the nation, reject Dr. Paul and he goes Indy, you can be sure the CFR-infested media will do its best to scare the hell out of you by slapping you with every dominant social theme they can pull out of their playbook.

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