US and NATO prepare final assault on Qaddafi

Muammar Qaddafi may have been bluffing when he said ”The Libyan people are capable one day of taking the battle to Europe and the Mediterranean [chiefly Italy and France]” if NATO continues its air strikes, and …”throwing ourselves on Europe like swarms of locusts or bees” to attack ”your homes, your offices, your families [who] would become legitimate military targets because you have transformed our offices, headquarters, homes and children into military targets which you say are legitimate.”

But the threat he relayed by audio to a huge pro-government rally in Tripoli Friday, July 1,may not be just a scare tactic but his last warning for NATO to abandon its large-scale, all-out military bid to kill or oust him, which debkafile’s military sources report is in its last stage of planning.

The coming coup de grace, expected in the next couple of weeks, is the hottest topic of discussion in the corridors of power and high-level military and intelligence get-togethers in London, Paris, Brussels, Moscow, Oslo, The Hague and Rome. It is expected to start in a couple of weeks with French and British troop landings on Libyan soil, to be followed in its last stages of by American forces.

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