US Official: No Tangible Evidence at Hand to Prove Iran’s Aid to Iraqi Militants

A senior US State Department official confessed that Washington has no proof to substantiate its allegations about Iran’s arms shipment to militant groups in Iraq.

Speaking to FNA in Iraq’s Northern Kurdish city of Erbil on Monday, US Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources Thomas Nides repeated his country’s earlier claims against Iran, but admitted that the US has no ”strong and tangible evidence” to prove the claim.

He said ”the US is well aware of Tehran’s financial and military assistance with US foes in Iraq”, but it does not have any proof or document to corroborate its allegations.

Asked to explain the US logic behind such claims, the senior US administration official said, ”We are sure that Iran helps the militants, but our knowledge is based on information that cannot be presented or released.

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[insetleft title=”Post Scriptum”]Det är ganska allvarliga anklagelser, hade kännts lite mer seriöst om de hade kunnat presentera några bevis…[/insetleft]


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